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How to review items you've shared on chat, email, social media or posted on Facebook, and deactivate shared links

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RapNet's People section help you track and manage your shared items and new leads.

Track items shared on social media

Items Shared page displays items shared directly via email, public link or Facebook.

Watch the video to see how to track all the items you've shared or continue reading below.

The Items Shared Page

Go to People > ITEMS SHARED tab to view a table summarizing all your shared items.

Shared items columns:

  1. Item shared (lot number): Active links are in blue.  Click to view the diamond item page inside RapNet

  2. Item description 

  3. Shared Markup Price

  4. Date shared

  5. Link Expiry Date: Links emailed to external non RapNet members expire after 48 hours, after which time date is replaced with will be ‘expired’ 

  6. Shared with: Name of the contact that the item was shared with

  7. Status: Indicates if share link was Not Opened / Opened / Customer liked this item / Customer disliked this item

  8. Views: See how many people have viewed an item you have shared

Remember: Shared items with RapNet members go through RapNet Chat! You'll need to go there to review items shared with members.

Deactivate Shared Links

Email links expire 48 hours after activation and public or Facebook links expire after 7 days. You can manually deactivate shared links before the links expire.

  1. Go to your Items Shared Page > Hover over the item and click the garbage bin icon.

  2. Confirm deactivation > the blue live link turns black when deactivated manually or expire.

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