There are a few reasons why the RapNet XL Add-on is not downloading.

  1. Eligibility: RapNet XL add-on is only included in the RapNet Dealer and Primary Supplier plans.

  2. System Requirements: Minimal System Requirements for RapNet XL are:

    1. Microsoft Excel 2013 and higher and Windows 10 and higher.

    2. Apple Mac and Open Office are not supported

    3. RapNet XL add-on does not work on free or student versions of XL

  3. RapNet XL has been downloaded & installed but isn't appearing in the menu bar: Click here for instructions on how to manually restore RapNet XL to your Excel menu bar.

  4. RapNet XL has been downloaded but won't install: You might need to run the add-in as an Administrator.

    1. Download RapNet XL but do not run the add-on

    2. Go to your downloads > locate RapNet XL > Right Click

    3. Select Run as administrator > RapNet XL will run and install

    4. If an Administrator pop up appears, contact your internal Admin for them to give you permission to download RapNet XL

    5. If you don't see the RapNet XL add-on, restart your computer.

  5. RapNet XL tab is not appearing in my Excel workbook: Follow the steps in this article to fix it.

Note: If RapNet XL still does not appear after restarting your computer, contact us and request to talk to Tech Support.

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