There are a few reasons why the RapNet XL Add-on is not downloading.

  1. RapNet XL add-on is not included in RapNet Light plan.

  2. Minimal System Requirements for RapNet XL are:

    1. Microsoft Excel 2010 and higher and Windows 8 and higher

    2. Apple Mac and Open Office are not supported

    3. RapNet XL add-on does not work on free or student versions of XL

  3. If you've managed to download RapNet XL but it won't install, you might need to run the add-in as Administrator.

    1. Download RapNet XL but do not run the add-on

    2. Go to your downloads, locate RapNet XL > Right Click

    3. Select Run as administrator > RapNet XL will run and install

    4. If an Administrator pop up appears, contact your internal Admin for them to give you permission to download RapNet XL

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