Trouble logging in and password issues

Having trouble logging into your RapNet account? Here are a few steps you can try.

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Are you having trouble logging in to RapNet web or app?

Does the RapNet app or website keep looping or redirecting you to the login page?

Review these 6 common login issues and their solutions, if still unresolved, please chat to us via our Support Page.

Login Credentials

  1. Username: Type in your account number and not your email address.

  2. Password: Click here to watch how to reset your password.

Log in on the App issues

Upgrade the RapNet app to the latest version.

Logged in on another device?

  1. Make sure that you always sign out properly from the device you are working on.

  2. Is another member of your company currently logged in? Password use is strictly limited to the registered member.
    All employees needing RapNet access must be verified by RapNet Customer Service and have their own login credentials.

RapNet keeps stopping/closing/redirecting you to the login page/the Android app gets an error!

Try clearing the App cache on Android. Click here to watch the video or follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Settings application on your phone > Apps menu > Installed Applications

  2. Find the application you want to clear the app data of > Select > move to the storage tab

  3. Hit Clear App Cache

RapNet keeps looping back to the login page/message with 'invalid state'.

  1. Clear your cache:

    1. Go to your web browser > Click on 'more' tools in the right-hand corner

    2. Select more tools from the menu > Clear Browsing Data

    3. Make sure all boxes are checked

    4. Click the Clear data button

  2. Clear your cache on Safari:

    1. Safari 3.x for Mac OS X

      1. Click the Safari menu > Select Empty Cache

      2. Click Empty.

    2. Safari 3.x for Windows

      1. Click the Edit menu > Select Empty Cache

      2. Click Empty

  • To find the Safari version on Mac OS X: Click Safari > About Safari.

  • To find the Safari version on Windows: Click Help > About Safari.

Cleared the cache but RapNet still looping or giving an error!

Try clearing the browser cookies.

  1. Safari 3.x for Mac OS X: Click the Edit menu > Preferences > Security > Show Cookies > Remove All > Done > Close the Preferences dialog box

  2. Safari 3.x for Windows: Click the Safari menu > Select Preferences > Click Security > Show Cookies > Remove All > Click Done to close the cookies list > Close the Preferences dialog box.

While deleting the browser cookies may fix the problem, it also removes your saved settings for sites you've previously visited.

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