Not receiving Rapaport or RapNet emails

What to do when you aren't getting your Rapaport price list or password RapNet email

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If you don't see our emails in your spam/junk, ask your I.T. team or email provider to do the following:

  1. Add these email addresses to the 'from email address in your email client address book.

    1. Price List emails:

    2. For Email Change Verification email:

    3. RapNet Notifications & RapNet Password Reset:

    4. For Password reset emails:

      • This tells your inbox that it should expect to receive emails coming from this email address.

      • Each email client has a different process for adding email addresses - check your email's help documentation for guidance on how to add to your 'from email address' client address book.

    5. Add Rapaport's email sending domain to your allowlist =

      • This tells your email server that it should expect to receive emails from any 'from address' containing the Rapaport domain

      • You may need your IT or email provider to help you with this

  2. Add Rapaport's sending IP addresses to your allowlist.

    • Scroll down here to view a list of Rapaport's IP addresses to whitelist

    • You may need your IT or email provider to help you with this

  3. Open and click links in emails you do receive from Rapaport.

    • This tells your inbox to trust emails coming from Rapaport's address and email sending domain.

    • An email client is always learning; if you continue to open and click on Rapaport emails, the email client will learn to accept those emails in the future.

  4. Move Rapaport emails found in your SPAM/junk folder back to the inbox.

    • This tells the inbox where to place that email in the future and improves your domain's sender reputation.

Rapaport sending IP addresses

Add these Rapaport sending IP addresses to your allowlist.

Please note: a range of IP addresses, like, includes every IP address within the range, from to

If you are still having trouble receiving the Rapaport Price List or any other email, please contact us via our support page.

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