If your computer settings are set to non-USA, you may get all diamond data grouped into one cell when exporting from RapNet to XL or CSV.


To fix this, you will need to check 2 settings

  1. Excel/CSV format settings :

    1. Go to File > Options > Advanced

    2. Under editing options check the following :

      1. System separators

      2. Decimal Separator is . (a period)

      3. Thousands separator is , (a comma)

  2. Computer Settings:

    1. Go to your Control Panel > Region > Formats

    2. Select "Additional Settings"

      1. The decimal Symbol is set to a . (a period)

      2. Digit Grouping Symbol is set to , (a comma)

      3. The list separator is set to , (a comma)

Mac Users

  1. Open Numbers > File > Advanced

  2. Change region to the United States or the United Kingdom

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