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Auction results, payment and shipping for successful bids
Auction results, payment and shipping for successful bids
When to expect auction results and payment for goods sold at auction
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Results and Payment for Auction Buyers

Successful bidders are notified and invoiced the day after the close of auction, with payment in full due within three business days to the Rapaport office where the auction was held. All sales are final; returns after delivery are not accepted.

Shipment and delivery of your Auction goods

After final payments have been received, arrangements can be made to:

  • Pick up merchandise from Rapaport diamond trading office where lots are being held.

  • Arrange for pick-up of merchandise by registered shipping company at buyer’s cost.

  • Request that Rapaport arrange shipment at buyer’s cost.

  • Buyers are responsible for all local sales or import taxes associated with shipping winning merchandise.


The buyer is responsible for any import, export or sales taxes.

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