• All participants in Rapaport Auctions must comply with U.S. Patriot Act and OFAC regulations.

  • The Rapaport Group does not deal in diamonds from Marange, Zimbabwe or diamonds directly involved in human rights violations. There is a process of business and identity confirmation for all new clients.

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Auction Sellers

Auction suppliers can be both trade members and private individuals as long as they are compliant with our AML policy and must complete an Auction Supplier Agreement to submit diamonds for sale, subject to approval by Auction Support.

After registering for an Auction account, a Rapaport Auctions account manager will contact you and coordinate your participation in the auctions of your choice.

All registered clients receive a unique user login and password enabling access to the Rapaport Auctions website.


Once your diamonds are accepted for the auction, they are exclusive to the auction and must be removed from RapNet and all other public listings.
All diamonds must be physically held by Rapaport during the auction process.

Required Seller Compliance forms

What submission or compliance forms are required before participating as a supplier?

  1. Trading Partner Verification Form

  2. Copy of business license/license of incorporation (Private needs ID Only)

  3. Auction Supplier Agreement – Includes Supplier Source Agreement

Auction Buyers

Rapaport auctions are open to qualified members of the diamond and jewelry trade.

All participants must register as Rapaport Trading Members by completing the online registration, submitting business license information, and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.

A Rapaport Trading Manager will contact you and coordinate your participation in the auctions of your choice.

  • After business and identity confirmation, authorized buyers will be asked to complete the Auction Buyer Forms and submit a business license

  • Buyers must also apply for a bid limit once their account has been approved and arrange a bid deposit of 10% of the total amount they would like to bid.

  • Upon receipt and confirmation of their bid deposit, buyers receive a unique user login and password to access the Rapaport Auctions website at www.rapaportauctions.com.

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