The dashboard is where you manage your diamond and jewelry Instant Inventory feeds.

1. View a summary of your rules, amount of diamonds and suppliers

2. Actions:

a. Customize Design: update your widget theme

b. Publish to My Website: Publish the feed on your website

c. Delete Instant Inventory feed

3. Preview: check how your widget displays on a web page and mobile

4. Settings: Update your company information, contact email address, website, or currency

5. Rules/Own stock: review your rules or upload your own stock.

Each rule has a status that indicates if it is included in the instant inventory:

a. Completed – Rule’s inventory included in the instant inventory. This means that the rule is active - diamond/jewelry criteria, suppliers, and markup are set up.

b. Incomplete – Rule’s inventory is not included in the instant inventory, and needs to finish the setup of all three screens - diamond/jewelry criteria, suppliers, and markup

6. Add a new rule to this instant inventory feed

7. Edit, Duplicate, or delete a rule

8. Check your widget performance and reports

Note: A diamond or jewelry Instant Inventory dashboard is only created once you have saved your settings.

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