RapNet is the industry's largest and most trusted marketplace for buying and selling diamonds and jewelry and is available exclusively to members of the diamond and jewelry trade.

With listings of over 1.5 million diamonds valued at more than $7 billion and members from over 90 countries, RapNet is the largest and most important diamond and jewelry trading network in the world.

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Requirements for joining RapNet

RapNet is strictly a B2B diamond trading network.

Membership is open to companies who are registered to trade in diamonds and /jewelry for at least one year.

We require these documents in order to complete your registration:

  1. Business License or Certificate of Incorporation.

  2. Photo ID

  3. A copy of two invoices dated this year, from diamond or jewelry business transactions.

  4. Two references from other companies who are also RapNet members. You must be a client of your references for at least one year.

If you are applying for RapNet Jeweler, you must also provide proof that you are a retail jeweler. Example: store front interior and exterior or retail website.

RapNet Plans

We offer different plans, each aimed towards helping your diamond and jewelry business grow.

  • Click here to review our main membership plans with available features, payment and find a membership plan to suit your needs.

  • To discuss plans with one of our sales team today, go to our Support Page and chat to one of our sales people.

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