STEP 1 - Confirm and register your booth.  This is mandatory

  • Register your booth by entering your booth location and show contact information

  • Login to RapNet and go to  'Manage My Listings'.  You will see  button prompting you to register for the upcoming show.  

  • **You must fill in your booth and contact information in order for your diamonds to be displayed in RapNet Show Listings**

STEP 2 - Upload your inventory

  1. In  'Manage My Listings',  select the diamonds you wish to upload and then click: Actions 

  2. Add to the upcoming Trade Show

After each action there is a green confirmation box in at the top right hand corner.

If your Trade Show stock is listed on Excel ready to upload:

  1. Add column header ' Trade Show' 

  2. The correct Trade Show value will be available shortly before the Trade Show.  Ask your RapNet Account Manager for guidance.

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