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What is RapNet?
Opening a RapNet Account
Opening a RapNet Account

How to open a RapNet diamond trading account

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To sign up for RapNet:

  1. Go to  for an overview of our subscription plans.

  2. Select a plan and click 'Apply Now'.

  3. Enter your company and contact information.

  4. Once we have received your application, our Sales Team will contact you to determine which RapNet plan best fits your business needs.

  5. You can also contact us directly -

All RapNet applicants must submit an application and pass the vetting process.

You will need to provide information and documents pertaining to your business such as a business license with full contact details, business references, government-issued documentation showing the current and legal registration where you are currently operating, and sufficient proof that the business is operating in the gem & jewelry business and is in good standing.

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