RapNet members must honestly and fairly communicate the quality of all diamonds as well as the correct location.

They must fully disclose all information about the products they sell if such information is likely to affect the value of the product upon resale.

This includes but is not limited to treated, synthetic, enhanced, or simulated products.

Misrepresentation is not allowed, and full written disclosure is required.

Synthetic diamonds on RapNet

RapNet does not allow synthetic diamonds to be listed on RapNet.

Treated or HPHT diamonds on RapNet

We allow treated or HPHT diamonds to be listed on RapNet on the condition that treatment is disclosed
Members can upload diamonds to RapNet with the following treatments:

Any diamonds that have been treated must be disclosed as such in the treatment field.

EGL diamonds on RapNet

RapNet does not allow EGL diamonds on the website.

Please refer to our Trading Rules, Section 6.6.

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