• The Rapaport Price list is updated every Thursday midnight NY time

  • RapNet subscribers view changes every week on the web or App

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View Price List Changes on RapNet:

  1. Go to https://www.rapnet.com/ > Login

  2. Select the Diamond icon on the left navigation bar > Rapaport Prices > Price Changes

  3. Toggle between Pear and Round to view changes to that list

View Price List Changes on Diamonds.net:

Price List and/ Magazine subscribers view changes either weekly or monthly, depending on their level of subscription.

  1. Go to www.diamonds.net > Login

  2. Select the Diamond Prices drop down menu > Price Changes

  3. Click on Rounds Price Changes/Pear Price Changes etc.

View Price List Changes on the RapNet App

  1. Open the menu bar > $Prices > Price Changes

  2. Notification when new price list is available. Click here to learn how to switch on or off Price List notifications

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