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RapNet China Diamond Trading platform
Sales Process for diamonds sold on the RapNet China diamond trading platform
Sales Process for diamonds sold on the RapNet China diamond trading platform
Guidance & instructions when your diamond is sold on the RapNet China website, from communication and KYC to invoicing and payment
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If one of your diamonds is sold on the RapNet China diamond trading website, your local Rapaport office will contact you to purchase the diamonds from you and handle all payment, shipping, and communications.

Rapaport guarantees all transactions.

  1. Communication

    1. You will not need to communicate with the Chinese buyer.

    2. Once a Chinese buyer has ordered and paid for your diamond, Rapaport will contact you for delivery of the diamond to your local Rapaport office and you communicate with Rapaport only.

    3. Rapaport will organize payment and invoice with you.

  2. KYC & Compliance: All sellers must first fill in compliance documents (TPV) before processing their first sale. Our Trading Team will contact you for this.

  3. Shipping & Delivery

    1. The seller is responsible for getting the diamond to the local Rapaport office within 2 days. and any costs involved in that.

    2. Rapaport bears all shipping/import/handling fees into China.

  4. Invoicing & Payment

    1. You invoice Rapaport Hong Kong for the sale of the diamond.

    2. The Chinese buyer's name will appear on your Rapaport invoice.

    3. You receive payment every Thursday for all goods purchased the prior week.

  5. Sales & Returns

    1. All sold diamonds are final

    2. We don't work with consignments

    3. Sellers must make every effort to be accurate and complete with their description of the diamond and there are no returns unless the diamond does not match the accompanying GIA diamond grading report.

    4. If a diamond has been sold or is no longer available on RapNet, inform us immediately so that we can cancel the sale.

    5. We do not do returns based on parameters such as BGM or milky.

    6. If a diamond is returned because it doesn’t match the certificate, the seller pays the shipping.

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