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RapNet China Diamond Trading platform
Introduction to RapNet China Diamond Trading Platform
Introduction to RapNet China Diamond Trading Platform
What is the RapNet China diamond trading platform, how does it work, and the benefits of selling on this platform?
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RapNet has joined forces with Guangdong Baomao Ecommerce and Technology diamond trading marketplace, to make it easy for you to sell your diamonds in China.

Here's how it works:

  1. Your RapNet inventory will be listed for sale in China through our RapNet China website:

  2. The Rapaport Trading division will purchase the diamonds from you and handle all payment, shipping, and communications.

  3. Rapaport guarantees all transactions.

  4. Delivery must be to our Mumbai, Israel, Hong Kong New York, or Belgium, Rapaport offices within 2 business days of the order, at your own cost.

  5. You receive payment every Thursday for all goods purchased the prior week.

  6. Full KYC compliance is required before the first sale.

Supplier Benefits

  1. Sell more diamonds: Access to thousands of Chinese buyers

  2. Simple & Easy: Chinese buyers get legal access to your diamonds

  3. Guaranteed: Rapaport guarantees payment to the supplier and delivery to the buyer.

  4. Hassle-free:

    1. Rapaport handles all shipping and clearing house services for suppliers.

    2. We handle the payment for you! Chinese buyers pay in RMB and you get paid in USD in your bank account.

  5. Risk-Free: Guaranteed payment from Rapaport and legal, backed by government-approved bodies

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