There are 2 methods for sellers to list jewelry inventory to RapNet:

Read on to find out how to upload using a CSV file, or jump to a section with these links:

Upload jewelry items using CSV inventory file

Step 1: Prepare images & jewelry inventory on a CSV File.

Step 2: Upload CSV file with jewlery data and images to RapNet


  • Jewelry without images only show in your own jewelry listings and do not appear on buyer's search results.

  • Images lower than 1280 x 1280 pixels will not upload.

Step 1: Prepare images & jewelry inventory file in CSV format

  1. Jewelry Images

    1. Save and name image files.

      • Top Tip: If the image filename matches the stock number, it will auto-connect to the correct jewelry item. Read more here.

    2. Image dimensions should be minimum 1280x1280 pixels and on a clean white background.

    3. Refer to this article on how to format your jewelry images.

  2. CSV inventory file

    1. Download RapNet's CSV Jewelry template, or use your own jewelry CSV file.

    2. Refer to RapNet Jewelry Fields Dictionary to fill out jewelry details.

    3. You can add more than one value for some fields by separating each value with a comma. For example, jewelry category. can be new, woman's, bridal.

    4. If the image file name does not match the stock numbers, you will need to type the media filenames into your CSV jewelry file or manually connect after uploading.

    5. Click here to learn how to add multiple images/metals/stone types to a single jewelry item.

    6. Top Upload Tips: Read Rules for the road when listing jewelry on RapNet

Step 2: Upload inventory file and images

  1. Jewelry > Upload Jewelry > Multiple

  2. Drag and Drop or browse to select your CSV stock file

  3. Create Listings

    • To upload this jewelry inventory to your Instant Inventory feed only, tick 'Upload items as "Own Stock" items for your Instant Inventory'.

  4. Match Columns: Match columns in your uploaded file to RapNet Jewelry fields.

    1. This step is only required if your column headers do not match RapNet's column names.

    2. Use drop-down to find unmatched columns in your jewelry file.

      • We recommend 'Required and Unmatched'

    3. Columns

      • RapNet column name: as per the Fields Dictionary.

      • Your column name: Must match those listed in the RapNet column Name.

        • Use drop-down to select the correct column name.

      • Sample from your file: Example using a value from your jewelry file confirms correct.

      • Important:

        • If you mapped a column incorrectly, un-do by clicking on the blue ‘x’ button and map again.

        • Once you select a matching column, it is removed from the drop-down list so you can’t select it again.

        • You only need to match the jewelry fields the first time you upload. RapNet 'remembers' your mapping for next time.

        • If you later change the field names in your CSV file, you will need to re-match them again.

    4. Next: button turns blue only when all mandatory fields are correctly matched.

  5. Values: Check Missing Values and Review Values

    1. Missing Values: RapNet flags up missing mandatory field names or values, and gives you a chance to fix and re-upload.

      1. RapNet explains the errors [reason] and where to find them on your file [Line # and Column Name].

      2. Option to download the errors in a CSV file > fix the issue > Go Back and re-upload the file once fixed.

    2. Review Values: Correct any unsupported values.

      1. Number incorrect values

      2. Values which need correcting shown with a red X

      3. Click edit to correct a value

      4. Select correct value from drop-down menu > Save

      5. Next: button turns blue when all values are corrected

  6. Upload Images

    1. Drag and drop images into the window or click browse to select the images from your computer > Next.

      • Images below 1280x1280 pixels will not upload

      • Jewelry filenames matching the jewelry stock number are automatically matched to the jewelry item.

Offer multiple delivery locations, payment terms and conditions

Sellers can offer delivery from the jewelry's location to multiple delivery locations, with individual prices, terms and delivery times based on the delivery location.

See this example:

Here's how to upload multiple locations:

  1. Type in your price/currency (USD only), terms and delivery time

  2. On same row, add your delivery location information, if you offer delivery in another location

    • Use columns: Delivery Location, Delivery Location Price, Delivery Location Currency, Delivery Location Terms, Delivery Location Time

  3. To offer delivery to more than 2 locations:

    1. Insert a new row > type in the 3rd delivery location information into new cels directly below the 2nd Delivery Location

    2. To offer more Delivery Locations, keep inserting new rows thereafter.

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