Upload and manage your jewelry images from RapNet’s Jewelry Media Library.

You can upload a maximum of 5 images per jewelry item.

RapNet Jewelry Media Library features

In the Media Library you can:

  • Upload new media

  • Search for media files

  • View image files

  • Check media status (Connected/Not connected media) and connect and disconnect images to jewelry

  • Delete images from RapNet

  • Check last date uploaded

The Jewelry Media Library can be viewed as a list of media or as gallery (thumbnails).

1. List view

2. Gallery view

Gallery View

  1. Show Connected or Not Connected Media

  2. Switch from Gallery or List view

  3. Sort and Action buttons: Connect/Disconnect/ Delete media

  4. Upload new media

  5. Zoom in to enlarge your view of the jewelry image

  6. View last upload date

  7. View image information: connected/disconnected/delete/connect to an item

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