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Understanding Jewelry Search Results

  1. Use free search or fill out jewelry criteria to find item.

  2. View results in a Grid or List View.

  3. Choose number of results per page.

Jewelry Search Results: Actions

  1. Number of selected items: Click Deselect All to untick all selected items

  2. Jewelry Selection Actions: Select one or more jewelry items to:

    1. Show only selected or show all

    2. Share one or more selected items

    3. Add selected item(s) to Tracked Jewelry Folder

    4. Contact Seller(s) for the selected jewelry

Click on an item to open the jewelry item page, refer to this article: Navigating a jewelry item page

Track Jewelry

Track one or multiple jewelry items

  1. Select jewelry using the checkboxes

  2. More

  3. Add Selected to Tracked Jewelry

  4. Choose a tracked jewelry list

    1. Click on an existing list name or

    2. Start typing in the name of a new tracked list > click on + Create New List > Select > Save.

You can also create a new Tracked Jewelry List from the Tracked Jewelry Tab

Manage Tracked Jewelry Folder

Manage Tracked Jewelry from either the Jewelry Search Results page or the Tracked Jewelry Tab.

  1. Jewelry Search Results page > More > Tracked jewelry

2. Tracked Jewelry Tab

  1. Click to view items in this list.

  2. Create a new list.

  3. Rename the Jewelry List /Contact Jewelry Seller/ Delete Tracked Jewelry.

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