Experience a more modern and efficient trading experience on the upgraded RapNet 2.0, with a better search, more user-friendly design and useful new features, such as sharing diamonds and jewelry, member-to-member chat and RapNet Jewelry.

Click and Watch our latest webinar "How To Leverage RapNet 2.0 To Supercharge Your Business" and continue reading below for a lowdown on all RapNet 2.0 new features.

Here are 10 key ways the new RapNet will help grow your business, increase your efficiency, open up new markets, and help you reach your goals.

  1. The search is better
    - RapNet 2.0 has an upgraded the search with intuitive keyboard-friendly features so you find what you need fast!
    - Find diamonds instantly with the Quick Search. Type in diamond parameters or jewelry keywords to find what you need instantly
    - You can customize your search results view to focus and improve your productivity
    - For those who miss it, you can still use the Classic Search view

  2. Online-friendly so you can sell more where your customers are
    - Easily share diamonds and jewelry with colleagues and customers - via email, WhatsApp and social media
    - Add your mark up and track each shared item so you can follow up with potential customers

  3. Convert your leads into customers
    - Each shared item provides your customer with all the information they need and includes an inquiry form, making it easy for them to contact you
    - A designated Inquiries tab manages each inquiry so you can quickly and efficiently communicate with your customer

  4. Centralize your leads, customers and all business contacts in one place with My Contacts
    - Import customers and business contacts from your phone easily via the app or upload a CSV File
    - View shared item history with each contact, log interactions, schedule appointments and track customer preferences. Tag your contacts so you can target your most valuable customers
    - Receive reminders when follow-ups or appointments are due

  5. Faster and simpler trading by instant communicating with other RapNet members
    - Chat member-to-member or in a group using our WhatsApp style chat
    - Share diamonds and jewelry and send attachments from a secure environment, rather than moving to external platforms where phishing and fraud can occur
    - Chat translates messages into your preferred language making it effortless for you to communicate with international companies

  6. Increase your diamond’s visibility, raise your company’s exposure
    - Promoted Diamonds lets you promote your diamonds at the top of RapNet’s search results, reaching buyers exactly when they are interested in the diamonds you are selling

  7. Discover new opportunities
    - Create, share, collaborate and discuss Lists of diamonds and jewelry items with other RapNet members
    - Keep adding new collaborators and build your own international trade community within each list
    - Seamless sync between the web and app for smooth experience

  8. Trade Safe, Trade Smart with RapNet Trade Center
    - No more messy communication or jumping between emails skype, WhatsApp or Messenger. Centralize your trades in one secure location on RapNet’s Trade Center
    - Safely chat, negotiate, send attachments and invoice wherever you are in the world
    - RapNet’s Notification Center and the app’s push notifications ensure that you never miss a sale

  9. Attract more buyers, ramp up sales
    - Expose your diamonds to thousands of potential customers by allowing members using Instant Inventory to showcase your diamonds and jewelry on their retail websites
    - Diamonds with images and videos are more likely to get attention from buyers. Use RapNet’s Media Library to easily upload and display an unlimited number diamond images for each listed diamond

  10. Increase traffic to your online store
    - Showcase thousands of RapNet diamonds and jewelry pieces on your website
    - A 5-minute easy set up and integration using either our ready-made widget or customized API
    - A designated Inquiries tab to manage your Instant Inventory diamond and jewelry sales, shortening the time it takes for you to close a sale

Log in to RapNet and discover a smarter, more productive trading experience.

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