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  • Anyone with Chat permissions can start a group chat and chat with up to 10 participants in a group chat.

  • The person who starts the group is the Group Admin and only they can close the group. Closing a group disables it for the other participants.

Here's what you can do in a group chat:

  1. Chat icon:

    1. Counter indicates when new chats are waiting for you

    2. Click chat icon to preview active chats or go to your all your chats and discussions

  2. Search bar to filter for existing chats. Search by name, company name or account number.

    1. Go to your archived chats

    2. Start a new chat

  3. Add a new participant to a group chat

  4. Chat Overview:

    • Name of the group > click on the pencil to change the group name

    • Chat Participants and any shared media

    • Shared media, if any has been shared

  5. Current active chats

    1. Group Icon either represent a group chat. Profile image represents individual member chat.

    2. Grey check mark indicates chat was sent. 2 green check marks means your message was read by recipients

  6. Body of the chat: includes attachments or shared items plus option to translate the chat. Click here to find out more about translating your chats

  7. Type a message/share items/send attachments

  8. Archive or leave a chat: When you leave the chat, other participants in the group receive a message saying that someone left the group and the chat is no longer visible to you.

Note: You cannot delete a message after you have sent it!

Translate Chat Messages

Translate your chat messages both in Trade Center and Chat by hovering on a specific message and translating it.

Languages include Hindi, Chinese, Japanese French, German, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Hebrew.

  1. Hover over the specific message

  2. Choose your language

  3. Use the drop-down to choose other languages

Translate Messages on the App

Rename a Group

Archive Chats

To archive a chat click Actions > Archive Chat

The chat will automatically unarchive if you go back into the archived chat and send a message or if another participant writes a message in one of your archived chats.

Here's how to find your archived chats:

Preview new chats

When you have new messages, RapNet sends you a push notification on the App and on the web, this counter indicates new messages. Click to preview 5 recent chats.

Check your message status

You will know if someone has read your message:

  • A grey check mark indicates the message has been sent but not read by all participants.

  • 2 green check marks indicate that the recipients have read the message

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