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Navigate Manage My Jewelry page

Go to Manage My Jewelry > Listings

  1. Filter your jewelry

    1. Show/hide jewelry from public view

    2. Jewelry with/without media

    3. Jewelry sets

    4. Own stock

  2. Find one of your jewelry items: Type into the free search text box or use the detailed filters.

  3. Single or Multiple Actions

    1. Select All selects all images on all pages.

    2. Refresh list updates the list of items.

    3. Export all exports all your stock items to a CSV file.

    4. Add new to upload a new item or image.

  4. Actions

    1. Hide/Unhide this item from RapNet's jewelry search.

    2. Quick Edit this item.

    3. Save this item to your favorites.

  5. Quick Edit the price of one of your jewelry items.

  6. Sort by:

    1. Newest/Oldest

    2. High/Low Price

    3. Change your view mode or change the number of results per page.

Connect unmatched images to jewelry items

  1. Go to Manage My Jewelry > Images > Select unmatched images

  2. Click on the connect to jewelry button - a new window pops up with your jewelry stock listings

  3. Search for the jewelry item name or stock number

  4. Click on the connect button to match the selected image to the jewelry item

  1. Go to Manage My Jewelry > Images > Select matched images

  2. Click on the ‘Disconnect from jewelry’ button.

A confirmation window pops up. Click on Yes to disconnect the selected images from the jewelry or No to discard.

Hide Jewelry from public search

You can hide jewelry items from buyers’ search results without needing to remove them off RapNet.

  1. Filter for published or unpublished jewelry

  2. Click icon to publish/unpublish

Delete a jewelry listing

  1. Manage my Jewelry > Listings tab.

  2. Select all or individual jewelry listings

  3. Click Delete Selected

Delete Jewelry images

  1. Manage my Jewelry > Images tab.

  2. Select all or individual jewelry images

  3. Click Delete Selected

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