When uploading jewelry using a CSV upload file, you cannot type multiple metal types, gemstones or diamond information in one cell.

Here's how to upload jewelry items containing more than one stone, image or metal.

  1. In your CSV jewelry file, insert a new row underneath the jewelry item

  2. Type in the SKU/stock number. (It should be the same as the one in the line above)

  3. Add the new metal/stone/image file name

  4. For each additional metal/stone/image, keep adding rows and repeating SKU’s to each row. See examples below

Add multiple metals to a single jewelry item

Add multiple images to a single jewelry item

Add multiple stones to a single jewelry item


  • Each new row must include the stock number of the jewelry item it belongs to. This connects the additional metal /stone /image to that one jewelry item.

  • If you are adding a multiple metals/stones, remember to add details such as karat for metals and shape/color/Lab for additional stones

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