There are 2 methods for sellers to list jewelry inventory to RapNet:

  • Single upload

  • Multiple upload using a CSV jewelry inventory file

We will cover these topics on this page, click on a link to jump to that section:

Upload a single jewelry item

  1. Select Jewelry > Upload Jewelry. > Single

  2. Upload images, add video and fill out as many fields as possible.
    Mandatory fields are indicated with an asterix.

  3. Click Save Item when done > Go to Manage My Jewelry to see your uploaded item.

Upload multiple jewelry items

  1. Fill out jewelry information in CSV file

  2. Photograph and save jewelry images

  3. Upload your CSV file

  4. Check for any missing values

  5. Upload jewelry images


  • Only jewelry items with matching images appear in buyer's search results. Items without images will only show in your Jewelry Listings.

  • Images lower than 1280 x 1280 pixels will not upload.

Step 1: Fill out jewelry information in CSV file

  1. Download our CSV Jewelry template, or use your own jewelry CSV file.

  2. Click here to learn how to add multiple images/metals/stone types to a single jewelry item


  • We recommend that you provide as much information as possible. This improves the chances of your jewelry being discovered by buyers.

  • Refer to RapNet Jewelry Fields Dictionary for guidance in filling out jewelry details.

  • Jewelry missing mandatory fields and/ values cwill not upload. Click here to view mandatory fields.

  • Scroll down this page to Title and Description Requirements to learn how to optimize your jewelry item’s title and description to get more views

Step 2: Photograph and save images

  1. Photograph images: Upload images with the correct dimensions of 1280x1280 pixels and a clean background.

  2. Save and name image files.


  • Refer to this article on how to format your jewelry images.

  • Images will automatically match and connect to jewelry items if their image filename matches the stock number.

  • If the image file name does not match the stock numbers, you will need to type the media filenames into your CSV jewelry file or manually connect after uploading.

Step 3: Upload your CSV file

  1. Go to Multiple Jewelry Uploads

  2. Drag and Drop or browse to select your CSV stock file > Create Listings

  3. Match Columns: This step is only required if your column headers to not match RapNet's accepted field names.

    1. Match the columns in your CSV file to RapNet Jewelry fields by matching the column name in your CSV file to RapNet Jewelry Fields Dictionary

    2. Either type the name of the column or select it from the drop-down list. (see image below)

      1. You only need to map the jewelry fields the first time you upload.

      2. Once you have completed the CSV mapping, RapNet 'remembers' your mapping and you will not need to map it again for later uploads.

      3. If you later change the field names in your CSV file so that they are no longer consistent with the RapNet jewelry fields, you will need to map them again.


  1. RapNet column name: RapNet Jewelry fields, as per the Fields Dictionary.

  2. Your column name: Must match the Jewelry Fields listed in the RapNet column name.

  3. Sample from your file: Example of a value from your file.

  • If you have mapped a column incorrectly, delete it by clicking on the blue ‘x’ button and you will be able to map it again.

  • Once you select a matching column, it is removed from the drop-down list so you can’t select it again.

Step 4: Values: Check Missing Values and Review Values

  1. Missing Values: RapNet flags up missing mandatory field names or values, giving you a chance to fix and re-upload.

  2. Review Values: Correct any unsupported values.

    1. Number of values not supported by RapNet

    2. Values which need correcting

    3. Click edit to correct

    4. Select supported value from drop-down menu

Step 5: Upload jewelry images to RapNet

  1. Drag and drop images into the window or click browse to select the images from your computer.

  2. Connect images to jewelry items> RapNet automatically moves to Manage my Jewelry > Media Library.

    1. Jewelry filenames matching the jewelry stock number are automatically matched to the jewelry item.

    2. Move to the next step to connect unmatched images manually.

  3. Select matched/unmatched images to manually connect or disconnect images from a jewelry item.

    1. Select unmatched images.

    2. Click on the connect to jewelry button > a new window pops up with your jewelry stock listings.

    3. Search for the jewelry item name or stock number.

    4. Click on the connect button to match the selected image to the jewelry item.

Video: Upload multiple jewelry items with images

Watch this video to learn how to upload your jewelry to RapNet or follow the directions below the video.

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