The new diamond widget is an upgraded and improved version of the existing old diamond widget. Here are the improvements:

  1. Diamond results automatically updated when changing filters

  2. Fluorescence intensity filter

  3. Gallery view of search results

  4. Multiple images and diamond video wherever available on diamond item pages

  5. Customized text to appear net to your diamond item

Upgrade to the new Instant Inventory Diamond widget

  1. Go to your Instant Inventory diamond feed dashboard

  2. Click on the banner to check out the new diamond view with your listed diamonds

3. Click Upgrade my Design

4. Customize text to appear next to each diamond
a. Go to Actions> Customize Design
b. Add some general information on the product page

5. Update the widget script on your website
a. Go to Actions > Publish to My Website
b. Copy script and send to your web developer to embed the diamond widget into your website

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