You can now collaborate on RapNet to share and discuss diamond and/jewelry items together in one place, and export them to Excel!

Whether you are working with colleagues, fellow RapNet members or want to discuss a few items with a potential buyer on RapNet, lists will make easier for you.

With the Lists feature, you can create lists of diamond or jewelry items to share with multiple RapNet members (collaborators), within a group.

All the collaborators within a list can add new items and discuss specific list items in the comments section.

You can create as many lists as you like and include any number of RapNet members as collaborators within the group.

The Lists feature syncs seamlessly between the web and App. Comments and items get added instantly without the need to refresh your page.

Being able to create diamond and jewelry lists with other RapNet members connects buyers and sellers together to chat about items and discuss how to trade faster and more easily.

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