Yes, so long as the images are named with the diamond stock or cert number, they will automatically connect to your diamonds.

Example: Diamond Stock number: 123

Image file name: 123.jpg.

File names for multiple images: 123_1.jpg, 123_2.jpg, 123_3.jpg etc.

If your image file names do not match the diamond stock or cert number, use field name Diamond Image in your inventory upload file.

Here you can type in image filenames or video URLs.

1. Type image filenames or video links in the CSV diamond inventory upload file

2. Use semi colons to separate image filenames and video URL if you have one

3. Remember to include the image filename suffix. (jpeg, jpg or png)


You will not be able to upload an image link and a video link from the Diamond Image column.

This column can contain multiple image file names but only one link .

We advise converting your image links into a PNG or JPG and uploading them directly to the Media Library.

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