We advise you to:

1. Upload all images to your media library. Read How do I upload images to my Media Library?

2. Upload videos in your upload file. Read How do I upload diamond videos?

If your diamond is already uploaded to RapNet, you can add an image or video directly to a diamond item page:

1. Go to Manage my Diamonds > filter and find your diamond> open the item page> click Manage Media

2. Click + add new media icon

3. Choose your from one of these 3 options:

a. Select from Media Library: Select existing images from your Media Library which have been previously uploaded by but are not connected images

i. Search, find and select the image you want to connect

ii. Click on add to item button at the bottom of the page

b. Upload images/s from Local File: Browse/drag an image file or a zip file with multiple images. Only PNG/JPG/JPEG formats are allowed to upload

c. Add Video from Website: We display only RapLab, Vision 360, Mydiamondsearch.com, Bijandiamonds.com and Amipi videos on item pages

4. Click Done

Note: Image size is limited to 10 MB, including zip folders

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