We recommend reading our Diamond Media Guidelines before uploading diamond media.

Once your images are uploaded to the media library, you can easily connect them to your diamonds.

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Uploading diamond images to RapNet's Media Library

We offer 2 methods for uploading diamond images to RapNet’s Media Library:

  1. One by one or a zip folder with multiple images.

  2. CSV file with image links ending in jpg or png.

Upload images one by one or in a zip folder

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  1. Go to RapNet's Media Library > Upload New Media.

  2. Drag & Drop or Browse a single image or zip folder with images:

    • Images filenames matching the stock/cert number will auto-connect to the diamonds.

Upload CSV file with image links

  • Quick upload http diamond image links ending in JPG or PNG to your Media Library. They save as images.

  • If the link URL matches your diamond stock or certificate number, the iimage automatically connects to the diamond. Otherwise go to your media library and connect the diamond image manually.

  1. Prepare a CSV file with one single column for the links, no column header required.

  2. RapNet's Media Library > Upload New Media > Upload CSV with Image Links.

  3. Drag & Drop or Browse your CSV File > RapNet processes your file.

  4. RapNet emails you a report with the status of each uploaded link.

Connecting images to diamonds manually from the Media Library

Rapaport's Diamond Image and Video Services

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