Yes. The simplest method is via your diamond inventory upload file.

1. Type the name of your video URL into column Diamond Image

2. Use semi colons to separate the video URL and any image filenames

3. Remember to include the image filename’s suffix. (jpg or png)


  • We only accept secure links formatted with "https". ( https:// ) Links beginning with "http" are not secure and will not display on the item page. Even if your video is a Vision360, please check the link starts with "https"
  • You will not be able to upload an image link and a video link from the Diamond Image column.

This column can contain multiple image file names but only one link .

We advise converting your image links into a PNG or JPG and uploading them directly to the Media Library.

If your diamond is already uploaded to RapNet, you can copy and paste a video link directly on the diamond item page.

1. Go to Manage my Diamonds > find your diamond> open the item page and click Manage Media

2. Click + add new media icon

3. Choose Add Video from Website

4. Paste in the video link and click Add

Note: Currently, only display RapLab, Vision 360,, and Amipi videos display on diamond item and instant inventory.

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