Once you've shared an item on Facebook or social media, interested buyers or new leads click on your link or post and get to external item page containing the item description where they can make an inquiry and email your their contact information.

Note: The post or link is live for 7 days

These are examples of the diamond and jewelry inquiry forms which Leads send you to inquire about the item. It includes their contact information so you can follow up with them.  

RapNet notifies you about the new Lead’s inquiry.

Click on the New Lead notification to view in the Leads page

The Leads Page:

Here you can manage your inquiry by adding the customer to My Contacts, opening the item page or Contacting the RapNet seller in Trade Center

  1. Add to my Contacts adds the new customer to My Contacts where all the customer’s information is pre-populated, and a new event in the customer’s timeline logs the inquiry information
  2. Open Item Page to view detailed information about the item which interests the customer
  3. Contact Seller: if you are not the owner of the diamond/jewelry item, here’s where you contact the item’s owner and open a trade in Trade Center

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