You can now share items anywhere on social media by generating a simple link which you can copy and paste on any social media channel, such as Instagram, WeChat, WhatsApp etc.

  1. Click on the Share Link button

2. Hide/show/markup the price listed on RapNet and then Generate Link.
Note: Your shared link is live for 7 days

3. Copy the link and paste the link wherever you like on social media

4. Interested customers or new leads click on the item to

  • View the item. Notice the time indicating how long till the item expires
  • Make an Inquiry  

5. Your interested customer/lead fills out Inquiry form with contact information.  This sends an email to the member who shared the item.

6. An email notification comes through to the member who shared the item.

  • See Item on RapNet button to takes you directly you to the item on RapNet
  • Inquiry includes customer's message and contact information which you can add to My Contacts

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