With the Share button, you can now ramp up sales by sharing diamond and jewelry items on multiple social platforms. This keeps you connected to current customers and helps you generate new leads.

You can find the Share button is on every diamond and jewelry item page, except for matched pairs of diamonds.

This is the Share button

  • The Share button allows all RapNet members to share diamonds and jewelry: 

            - Externally with your customers who are not RapNet members via email
            - On social media via Facebook directly or as a link they can paste everywhere
            - Internally with other RapNet members through RapNet Chat 

  • You can view all items shared externally with non RapNet members and social media on the Shared Items screen
  • You can view items shared with other RapNet members inside the Chat conversation with that member

More on sharing via Social Media:

  • You have the option to add a markup before sharing an item directly on Facebook or pasted anywhere as a link, or remove the price altogether 
  • Links shared on social media links are available for 7 days after creation
  • RapNet members can deactivate an active share link on the Shared Items page
  • Leads/ Customers who are interested in a shared item:
  • Can click on your post and get to an external item page where they can:
  • View the item information 
  • Make an inquiry and provide contact information allowing you to follow up with them
  • The RapNet member who shared the item receives an email notification whenever a lead/customer makes an inquiry into a shared item

More on sharing with non-RapNet members:

  • You have the option to add a markup before sending an item to non RapNet members or remove the price altogether 
  • Non RapNet members receive the item page from the RapNet member’s email address which is listed on the RapNet account. The emails do not come from RapNet itself.
  • The email contains a dedicated share URL link which expires 48 hours after creation
  • RapNet members can deactivate an active share URL link
  • Customer clicking on the link will get to the item page’s URL and will be able to send a response (Liked item / Disliked item) and our system will notify you.

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