Here's step by step directions to share diamond and jewelry items from RapNet onto your Facebook page.

You can also watch this video for guidance!

  1. Click on the Facebook share button

2. Hide/show/markup the price listed on RapNet
Note: Shared links are live for 7 days

3. Share item on Facebook using the generated link

4. Login to your Facebook page and post the link to your diamond or jewelry item

5. Post your item with a message

6. The item appears on your Facebook page
Note: Your shared link is live for 7 days

7.  Interested customers or new leads click on the item to

  • View the item. Notice the time indicating how long till the item expires
  • Make an Inquiry  

8. Your customer/lead fills out Inquiry form with contact information.  This sends an email to the member who shared the item.

9. RapNet sends you an email and notification you about the new Lead’s inquiry

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