Once you've emailed an item to a customer, they receive an email containing a URL link, active for 48 hours

  • The email comes from the email address which is listed on the RapNet account and not from RapNet itself
  • The customer click on View Item link which opens as a pop-up item page
  • The page has item and sender information plus 2 action buttons:
    - I like this item
    - Send me something else
  • Both buttons disappear from the item page when the customer clicks one of the buttons
  • RapNet emails when a non-RapNet member opens, likes or doesn’t want an item. Read more here
  • You can also view the status in the Items Shared screen

Sample of emailed Diamond Item Page with Like/Dislike buttons

  1. Item description data, certificate and media on the item page
  2. Action buttons:
    a.  I like this item if they are interested in the item
    b. Show me something else
  3. Sender’s contact information
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