RapNet members share items externally with non-RapNet members via email.

See directions below or watch this video to learn how!

  • You have the option to add a markup the item before sharing an item with non- RapNet members or remove the price altogether
  • Non-RapNet members receive the item page from the email address which is listed on the RapNet member’s account. The emails do not come from RapNet itself.
  • The email contains a dedicated share URL link which is live for 48 hours.
  • You can deactivate an active shared URL link
  • Customers clicking on the link get to the item page’s URL and can send a response (Liked item/Disliked item). RapNet updates you of their response.
  • You can always review shared items inside in a special page called Items Shared page

Next time you share an item with this contact, their name appears in the drop down list.

This is the Item Shared screen.  It's a table summarizing all the items you have shared till now on your account, who you shared them with, the expiry date and the status of the shared items

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