Yes!  Use RapNet's add to compare' feature.

To help you with the decision-making process, you can select a maximum of 10 diamonds and create a feature comparison table.  

The feature comparison table places diamond specifications side by side, clearly displaying which diamonds meet your criteria and which ones do not.
Now you can filter out which diamonds you want to follow up on and which ones to disregard.

Here's how to add and compare diamonds.

  1. Search and find diamonds
  2. Select the diamonds you want to compare.  You must select a minimum of 2 diamonds.  

You can either add diamonds to compare one by one or select multiple diamonds to compare:

Add to Compare Diamonds - Select diamonds one by one

  • Select single diamond
  • Click Compare

Add to Compare Diamonds - Select multiple diamonds

  • Select multiple diamonds using the tick box on the left hand side of the diamonds
  • More -> Add to Compare

3. Go to view your compared diamonds
More -> Compare (5/10)  The number /10 = the amount of diamonds you have compared.
RapNet diamond feature comparison table opens up in a new tab.

4. View, filter, delete or pin diamonds

  1. View compared diamonds side by side
  2. Delete a diamond or pin it. Pinning a diamond moves the diamond up to the front of the comparison table
  3. Contact Seller 
  4. Toggle across to view more of your compared diamonds

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