How many devices can log in to RapNet?
Login and RapNet usage, what to do if you are blocked from logging in to RapNet
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RapNet User Policy

RapNet is committed to maintaining a safe and secure trading network.  

  • Our policy allows 1 user per login, with a maximum of  3 web and 2 mobile devices. This helps reduce misrepresentation on RapNet and help secure a safer trading platform for all registered members. 

  • Every member who joins RapNet signs on to terms of use that their login to the platform will not be shared.  See section 4. Access to the Service > 4.4 Licensees may not disclose or share their access or password with any third party. Password use is strictly limited to the registered member.


  • If you are blocked from logging in or you are using a new mobile device, please go to our support page where you can contact us

  • In order for us to assist you, we are required to verify that you are the account holder

RapNet Security and Access

Before joining RapNet, all members undergo vetting and reference checks to ensure they are legitimate members of the trade.   Our industry has also experienced some issues of fraud and misrepresentation.  

If you have shared your password either within your office or, with friends/colleagues outside your office, they might receive a message saying they cannot log in to RapNet due to an excessive number of devices accessing your account.

Refer to this article regarding employees needing access to RapNet.

For further assistance and support, please go to our support page where you can contact us, check out our Help Articles and leave feedback.

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