To access RapNet tools and services, login details are required. There are two types of login details you can use:

Access Keys

Use Access Keys for delegating access to RapNet Services.
An access key comprises of a username (or ‘key’) and password (or ‘secret’). You can activate, delete, enable and disable up to 2 access keys for each RapNet account. 

In order to download specific files, or, connect to certain RapNet services via API (for example), your RapNet credentials may be required. Access keys are intended for such cases.

Click here to set up or manage your Access Keys.

Note: If you are having difficulty logging into TechNet, please contact your Account manager.

API Keys

Use API keys: access to the RapNet Instant Inventory widget keeping it safe and secure on your retail site

The API key is embedded in the programming code you receive at the end of RapNet Instant Inventory setup and gives you programmatic access to RapNet.

Click here for more on RapNet Instant Inventory and your API Keys.

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