We provide various web services to connect with the RapNet database and advise you to consult with a web programmer if you want to design your own search engine on your website.

Click here for Instant Inventory Tech Support and read this article to learn how to publish Instant Inventory on your website.

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Working with Programmers

  • For security reasons, do not share your RapNet login credentials with your programmer or Tech Team whilst they work on Instant Inventory

  • Primary Account holders can create a separate set of credentials called Access Keys which gives programmers or Tech teams access to Rapaport services, without sharing RapNet login credentials

  • Watch this video to learn how to set up an Access Key

What are Access Keys?

  • Access keys are the security credentials programmers need to authenticate and access RapNet data

  • The Access Key verifies who the programmer is and whether he has permission to access the resources or data he is requesting

  • RapNet Primary account holders can manage up to 2 Access Keys at any time. This gives you the flexibility of changing these extra usernames and passwords.

Click here to create and manage your access keys

Set up an Access Key

Watch this video to learn how to set up an access key ready to give to your tech team, programmer or developer.

Note: If you are having difficulty logging into TechNet, please contact your Account manager.

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