Once you've set up your diamond or jewelry rules, your feed should populate within a few minutes.

Watch this video for tips on how to increase the amount of suppliers and stones available in your Instant Inventory diamond feed. Or jump to articles below

Review your Instant Inventory feed

  1. Complete Setup: Have you completed set up? Diamonds, suppliers and pricing? If all three are not complete, then no diamonds are selected by that feed

  2. Fancy colored diamonds: If you set up a fancy color rule, make sure you have select a fancy color intensity range as well as selecting actual fancy colors

  3. Price Markups: Do your price mark ups fully cover the ‘Total Price’ or ‘Carat’ range that you chose when setting up your Diamond criteria?

  4. Suppliers: Have all your selected suppliers given you authorization to display their listings on your website? Scroll down to learn how to increase the number of RapNet Suppliers on your Instant Inventory feed

  5. Cash Priced Diamonds: Diamonds with Cash Prices do not feed through to Instant Inventory. Make sure your chosen suppliers list with regular asking prices.

  6. Diamond Parameters: Does your diamond rule have limiting choices? The following ranges limit maximum amount of diamonds from feeding through.
    - Carat range of .01 – 0.10ct
    - Total Price of $1.00 to $10.00
    - Clarity range of only I1 – I3
    - Show only Guaranteed Available > not all suppliers guarantee the availability of their diamonds
    - If you have chosen specific depth and table percentages, be sure that your chosen suppliers specify the depth and table of their diamonds. Otherwise their diamonds will not filter through to your feed.
    - If you have chosen specific fluorescence color, be sure that your chosen suppliers specify fluorescence color when uploading their diamonds otherwise their diamonds will not filter through to your feed

Your Instant Inventory feed will not return the same number of diamonds or jewelry as a RapNet search.

This is because some suppliers do not allow members to use any of their diamonds or jewelry for Instant Inventory without permission.

Of the suppliers which do give permission, each supplier can choose all or specific diamonds that he wants to make available in Instant Inventory, many suppliers allow much less than their full RapNet inventory.

Increase the number of RapNet suppliers on your Instant Inventory Feed

This video shows you how to check which suppliers have given you permission to display their diamond or jewelry items on your website and request permission from those who haven't

TIP: Make a search on the regular RapNet search engine, using the very same parameters that you set up on your Instant Inventory feed. If you get zero or few results, then it means that your parameters are too limiting and your suppliers may not have been as specific as you when uploading their diamond details.

Please contact your account manager if the diamonds still do not appear in after an hour or so.

Note: All changes to your Instant Inventory rules reflect instantly on your retail website.

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