1. Have you priced your diamonds?  

  • RapNet requires all white (D-Z) diamonds under 4 carats to be listed with a price so check that all your white diamonds under 4ct are listed with price. 
  • White diamonds from N-Z color or Fancy Colors should be priced per carat and not discount since there is no Rapaport list for these ranges.
  • You can list with discount or dollar per carat. If both discount% and price/ct are uploaded, only the price/ct will be considered.

2. Have you listed fancy colored diamonds? Make sure that fancy colors are listed in a separate column to your D-Z colored diamonds and that you’ve priced them $/ct and not in the RapNet Discount column.

3. Did you guarantee the availability of your diamonds? Guaranteed available means the seller has immediate access to the diamond so check that you have also listed the location of your guaranteed diamonds.

4. Have you included Lab and Report number?

5. Did you enter a cut for your Round diamonds?

6. Have you listed duplicate diamonds? Our system rejects diamonds that are duplicates within one account. One of the ways we look for duplicates, is Lab and Report Number. If we find duplicate diamonds in an account, we accept the upload but delete the duplicates later.

7. Does your stock upload file does contain commas or symbols such as dollar signs or percentage signs?  Those are not accepted on RapNet.

8. Check your upload history on RapNet for more information on why your file specific diamonds are not uploading and refer to our Fields and Values on Technet.

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