View your Listings

Edit Your Listings

  1. Click the Lot # of a diamond to view and edit the diamond's details. Click Save Lot to save the changes.
  2. Actions
    --Sort the order of your diamond listings
    --Choose how many diamonds listings you want to view per page. Maximum 250 diamond listings
    --Select the ‘filters’ button to view selected diamonds only. For example, you might want to view only diamonds with images
    --Export all or Update your listings
    - Export selected or all diamond listings to .csv file
    --Click Update Listings if your diamond listings has not changed in the past 8 days.
    This automatically refreshes your listings and you want to ensure that the same listings will continue to appear on RapNet for the next eight days.
    -- Delete some or all of your listings
  3. Quick Links
    -- Open diamond item page
    -- Edit diamond details
    -- Position this diamond


  • Diamond listings that are not replaced, updated or refreshed every 7 days are suspended whereupon buyers no longer see those diamonds in their search results
  • Remember to delete any listings that are no longer available

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