Yes, you can add add your price margin, remove the RapNet supplier information and then show the RapNet diamonds to your customer.

There are 2 methods:

1. Use Access Code to add markup to diamonds that you want to show a customer on RapNet

  1. Enter your search criteria
  2. Move down to Advanced at the bottom of the search engine page. 
  3. Enter 100 plus the percentage of the commission you want to add. (Example: If you want to add a 10% commission you would enter 110 in the Access Code field)
  4. Hit Search

Notice that the diamonds are now marked up and supplier information is no longer displayed

2. Markup and then custom print or email your customer
On the search results page, go to 'More'
Choose the columns you want to show your buyer
Select 'Export/Print Selected' or 'Export Page'

Tick 'Use Custom Markup' box and add your mark up percent before printing/saving or emailing.
NOTE: Custom markup is not available when exporting to Excel

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