Your safety and security are paramount and RapNet is committed to providing the safest and most secure diamond trading platform that we can.

We are not prepared to compromise on our members' security and do not want to create an enabling environment for thieves. 

Email has proven to be very insecure. Members have lost thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars due to email being intercepted by thieves.

With the RapNet Trade Center and Messaging features, we have engineered a safe alternative to email, and a significant improvement to the way members communicate, from initial interest to agreement, and invoice. 

  1. Use Trade Center to contact buyers/sellers and manage your trade from within RapNet. Please refer to these Trade Center Articles to learn more. This Trade Center Blog includes videos on how to buy and sell using Trade Center
  2. On Trade Center, you can directly message the buyer/seller via the Messaging feature. Messaging is fast, works in real time and seamlessly across the website and the mobile app, so you can easily and quickly communicate with other RapNet members.

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