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Watch this video to learn how to sell on Trade Center

Diamond pricing on RapNet and Trade Center

Trade Center does not updates prices or item details based on any changes you make to your RapNet listing.

When a trade starts, the item details and price are snapshot and shown according to when the buyer sent the Contact Seller. Both buyer and seller will see these original details in the light blue header on Trade Center.

Any changes between you and seller in the Trade Center are done within the negotiation and remain private, regardless of changes the seller may make on RapNet.

Sellers should update the price in their negotiation with the buyer or use the messaging feature, both located on the Trading tab of the negotiation.

Send an invoice via Trade Center

Create Invoice Template

  1. Go to My Account and Settings > Trading

  2. Enter your company information on all 3 Tabs
    Shipping details: Where your office is located
    Invoice Template: Your business registration number and logo, to appear on the invoice
    Term Sheet: Your sale terms for payment/shipping and returns

Now you are ready!

Issue and send invoice

Once you and your buyer reach Mazal on a trade and agree to the terms, send the invoice, see screenshots below.
The buyer will receive the invoice in the trade, be able to view and prepare payment:

Send attachments via Trade Center

You can send attachments in both Messaging (Chat) and Trade Center. The file size attachment limitation is 25 MB.

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