All buyers must complete the required registration and compliance forms in order to participate.

To register as a Live Auction Buyer:

  • Login to RapNet

  • Navigate to Auctions

  • Click to register

  • Select 'Buyer'

  • Register to Bid

> To be approved as a bidder, you must complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance documentation and sign the RapNet Online Auction Agreement.
>> Upload your Business License
>> Download the Trading Partner Verification Form, complete and then upload in the same section
> Once you have uploaded the completed documents and signed the Agreement, your application will be reviewed by Rapaport.
> Once your company has been approved to bid, you will be notified by our trading team.

These are the documents you will need to send us.

  1. Buyer Agreement

  2. Trading Partner Verification

  3. Resale Certificate

  4. Business License

  5. Photo ID

Please email us with any questions.

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