The upload process is exactly the same a with white diamonds, just you must fill out the fancy colors in a separate column to the D-Z color diamonds.

Fancy Color Upload Guidance:

There are 3 fields of fancy color information to fill out when uploading a fancy color diamond to RapNet.

  1. Fancy Color – This is the main body color and is usually the final word in the color description (grade) on the report.This field must contain one color (e.g. ‘Yellow’ or ‘Y’). Fancy Color values must be entered in the column called ‘Fancy Color’ when uploading to RapNet
  2. Fancy Color Intensity – This is the intensity of color the diamond holds. Each diamond can have only one intensity.Intensity values must be entered in the column called ‘Fancy Color Intensity’ when uploading to RapNet. See example below. 
  3. Fancy Color Overtone – This field is for the secondary color or colors (also known as modifiers). Dancy Color Overtone values must be entered in the column called 'Fancy Color Overtone' when uploading to RapNet.

We accept all colors/overtones/hues in the overtone column.

Check TechNet for a full explanation of all fields and values: 

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