Yes, you can track diamonds to a 'Tracked Diamonds' folder.
Tracked diamonds stay in your 'Tracked Diamonds' folder for as long as the diamonds remain on RapNet.

Track a single diamond:

1. Search -> Search results

2. Click on the diamond you wish to track. The diamond data expands

3. Select the star to track the diamond. A green pop up confirms that you are ‘Now tracking this diamond’

Track multiple diamonds: 

1. Search -> Search results

2. Select the diamonds you want to track.

3. Go to the top right of the page, above the listings click ‘More’ and choose ‘Track Selected’ from the drop down

4. You can add the tracked diamonds to a specific group or create a new group

A green pop up confirms that you are ‘now tracking these diamonds’

View tracked diamonds in your Tracked Diamonds Folder:

From the Search Tools select Tracked Diamonds.

· Click the magnifying glass to view the tracked diamond(s)

· Click Delete to delete a group of tracked diamonds.

· Click Edit Pencil to change the name of the group of tracked diamonds, type in a new name and click UPDATE.

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