RapNet Jewelry gives RapNet members the the ability to source and sell jewelry pieces, so buyers, sellers, manufacturers and retailers can now search and sell both diamonds AND jewelry in 1 location. 

RapNet's jewelry includes a range of new, pre-owned and antique rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, watches and more!

Suppliers offer gemstone and diamond jewelry, some include grading reports , but jewelry items listed on RapNet do not require a report.

If you are on the RapNet Light plan and would like to sell Jewelry on RapNet, please go to our support page to contact us.

Find RapNet Jewelry

  1. Search jewelry items

  2. Upload and sell jewelry items

  3. View/edit your listed jewelry items

RapNet Jewelry on the App

Search, find and even upload jewelry on the mobile app, which makes for a seamless experience between the web and when you are on the go!

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